Frequently Asked Questions

Is Image Slider Maker free?
Yes, the tool is free to use.
I need help, do you provide support?
Please use the contact form if you require support or have a question. In most cases you will receive a response within 48 hours.
Can I upload my own images?
Yes, use the Upload button, then drop or select from your computer's file system the image file you want to use. Images that you have uploaded will appear towards the top of the image selection panel and will remain there for the duration of your session.
I need more than 10 images. Is this possible?
Currently 10 is the maximum the generator tool allows, however you can append the generated HTML with your own markup and include as many images as you like.
Can I have more than 3 captions on each slide?
The tool allows up to 3 captions per slide. You may add further captions by adding your own HTML (and CSS).
What size should my images be?
For a typical website or blog around 1000 pixels in width will be large enough, but smaller sizes should be considered, particularly where detail is unimportant. It is recommended you resize or/and crop your images before uploading. Bear in mind the way your images will be displayed will vary if your slider is set to be responsive.
Can I customize the look of my slider by adding my own CSS?
Yes, the HTML and CSS generated can be edited after download to your computer.
Please feel free to remove this link. It is not required for the slider to work.
Is it possible to have multiple sliders on a page?
Yes, please check out the Multiple Sliders on a Page article.
Which browsers are supported?
ISM has been tested for desktop and mobile in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+ and Opera. It works, but is severely limited in IE8 and will not work in IE7 or earlier IE versions. For best results across all browsers, avoid CSS3 features such as the pan effect. Be aware that slide images that are vertically aligned in the middle use the CSS3 transform property, which isn't widely supported in older browsers. It is impossible to test every configuration combination, so please ensure for yourself that your slider works across a range of browsers.
How can I get my slider working on Blogger?
For your slider to work on Blogger, you will need to either paste in the JavaScript and CSS into your blog's template or host the files externally. Please read How to include JavaScript and CSS on Blogger for a step-by-step tutorial.

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